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Basile Fringe Theatre Fundraising Campaign

July 14, 2011 Leave a comment
IndyFringe Theatre Building on St. Clair Street

ABOVE: The IndyFringe Theatre Building on St. Clair Street. staff photo.

Guest Blogger:
Pauline Moffat, Executive Director
Indianapolis Theatre Fringe Festival

Arts supporters and philanthropists Frank and Katrina Basile have made a $100,000 contribution to kick off a $600,000 campaign to purchase and continue restoring the building IndyFringe has called home since September 2008. IndyFringe has forged an agreement to purchase the 719 East St. Clair Street building that provides a backdrop for hundreds of artistic performances every year.

“Great Expectations: Funding the Fantastic Fringe Campaign” is being co-chaired by the Basiles.

“Katrina and I see this as an opportunity to ensure the ongoing availability of an affordable and accessible space to assist IndyFringe in accomplishing its mission of attracting diverse audiences while providing performing opportunities for artists, from emerging to established,” said Frank Basile. “We feel strongly that this is the perfect venue for that purpose and the time will never be better to purchase the building.”

In recognition of the contribution, the theatre will be named the Basile Fringe Theatre. The building, which will also include IndyFringe offices, sits near the southeast corner of Massachusetts and College Avenues, adjacent to the Indianapolis Cultural Trail:  A Legacy of Marilyn and Gene Glick, and is adding vibrancy to this established arts district.

The $600,000 campaign goal, which includes the purchase of the building, renovation costs and initial operating expenses, is slated to conclude by December 31, 2011. The campaign includes a grassroots effort led by the IndyFringe Creative Council, which is comprised of young professionals and others involved with various aspects of performing arts.

For more information about IndyFringe, visit, or call 317-522-8099.