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A Visit to MacKenzie River Pizza Co. in Indianapolis

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Thai Pie at MacKenzie River Pizza Co.

Thai Pie at MacKenzie River Pizza Co. staff photo.

By Bob Burchfield, Editor, LLC

Recently I had the opportunity to have lunch with a group of nine friends at MacKenzie River Pizza Co., 4939 East 82nd Street, in the Castleton area. It’s located in the building formerly occupied by Adobo Grill before it moved downtown. The nice thing about having lunch with a large group is that you get to see and sample a good cross-section of the menu items. And am I glad we did!

Buffalo Wings at MacKenzie River Pizza Co.

Buffalo Wings

MacKenzie River Pizza Co. is a full service restaurant — newly opened in May 2011 — that offers a lot more than just its broad selection of gourmet and fresh-baked pizzas on original, natural grain, or thin crust. In addition to its line of pizzas, @MackRiverIndy offers sandwiches, pasta dishes, a signature line of entrees like MacKenzie Meatloaf, Frontier Ribs, or Blackened Salmon, salads and soups, some excellent starters, and a variety of desserts, including the best “cookies and cream” dessert I’ve ever seen.

I’m particularly enamored by the restaurant decorations and those big picture windows across the back of the restaurant. What other restaurant can you name in Indianapolis where you can have dinner while enjoying a beautiful view of the adjacent wooded area? It has a wonderful relaxing effect. There is also a large patio on the west side of the restaurant for those who enjoy outdoor seating.

Pesto Lodgepoles at MacKenzie River Pizza Co.

Pesto Lodgepoles

Owners Jon and Mike Shuel have created an atmosphere that will make you feel like you took a little field trip to the Rocky Mountains of Montana, complete with a large float boat that dominates the decor inside the restaurant, a full-service bar decorated in a rustic outdoors style, and beautiful scenic photos of the mountains and rivers and parks in Montana. The Shuels grew up in Indianapolis not far from the present location of the restaurant, but lived in Montana for many years, where their father started this franchise that now has more than a dozen locations in Montana, Idaho, and Washington. The 82nd Street venue is the only location of MacKenzie River Pizza Co. in Indiana.

I’ve just updated the page on our Web site for MacKenzie River Pizza Co. with some of the photos from this Facebook Foodies Unite event. Check it out at This restaurant will satisfy your palate, visually stimulate your senses, and the food will make you glad you came. The best recommendation I can give you is this: the sixth-grader in our party repeatedly exclaimed, “This is GREAT!” Who is more finicky when it comes to food preferences than a sixth-grader? I think his unsolicited testimonial summarizes how we all felt about our visit to MacKenzie River. “Fabulous” wrote one member of our party on Twitter.

For more information, visit the restaurant’s Web site at, or call 317-288-0609. MacKenzie River Pizza Co. is open daily from 11 AM to 10 PM. Photo credits: staff photos.

Mack Lovin' (dessert) at MacKenzie River Pizza Co.

Mack Lovin' -- the "cookies and cream" dessert at MacKenzie River.