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Things to do in Indianapolis, Oct. 3-9, 2011

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Review: “Spring Awakening” at the Phoenix Theatre

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"Spring Awakening" at the Phoenix Theatre.

"Spring Awakening" at the Phoenix Theatre. Photo by Zach Rosing. Provided by the theatre and used with written permission.

By Elizabeth J. Musgrave
Syndicated Columnist

The Phoenix Theatre shows another side of its multi-faceted self during the 2011-12 season-opening weekend  — a musical side. “Spring Awakening,” based on the 19th century drama by Frank Wedekind, brought in a full house and will likely sell out throughout its run to Oct. 23.

Not for children, this winner of eight Tony Awards is a study of teen angst in repressed turn-of-the-century Germany in an in-your-face Rock & Roll-meets-Broadway style which somehow makes perfect sense. The story showcase that confusing time when sexual feelings can lead to serious results, in an unvarnished manner.

The talent is polished and solid, particularly with Kurt Owens as “Adult Men” bringing sternness to a whole new level.
Danny Kingston is quickly become one of my Destination Actors for good reason. I was last impressed with Kingston in Beef and Boards’ “Camelot” production as the deliciously conniving Mordred. He sinks teeth and talent into the role of Moritz as well. No matter the role, and whichever is needed — both his intensity and delightfully evil dark side are captivating to watch.

Standing out most to this critic is how Phoenix is able to switch gears time and again, creating a desire to return and see what director Brian Fonseca and company are doing.

Bottom Line: “Spring Awakening” will make you fall in love with The Phoenix Theatre all over again.

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