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A Cheap Way to Visit the Super Bowl Village

Standing Room Only on IndyGo Route #8

Standing Room Only on IndyGo Route #8. AroundIndy.com staff photo.

By Bob Burchfield, Editor
AroundIndy.com, LLC

I made it downtown for each of the first three days of Super Bowl Village: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Jan. 27-29, 2012. I was concerned that (1) I wouldn’t be able to find a parking place within reasonable walking distance of the festivities for an old guy like me, (2) if I could, it would cost $20-25 or more per day to park (especially when I noticed in an online article that one prominent downtown venue will be charging $60 for parking this week), and (3) if I inadvertently parked in the wrong place (or even if I didn’t), a certain notorious wrecker service might tow my car anyway, which could cost a couple of hundred dollars or more to get it back.

So I made a dramatic decision (at least dramatic for me): I decided to try the IndyGo bus system. And so I have good news and bad news to report to you. Which would you like first? The good news? OK…


The open-rate bus fare is only $1.75 per ride (exact fare required, no change given). This means that all three days I only spent $11.50 (twice I didn’t have exact change and had to pay $2.00 for those two rides) to get to and from Super Bowl Village. Three days of parking would have cost me at least $60-75 in downtown Indianapolis, maybe more depending upon what was available.

On the real: I talked to a couple on Sunday who told me that they parked on the street for free in a metered space on Delaware, near Michigan Street, and walked to Super Bowl Village. This would be about a six or seven-block walk to Monument Circle, a couple of blocks more to get to the Village.

If I hadn’t stopped for something to eat, $11.50 is all I would have spent for THREE DAYS, because all the outdoor activities such as the Super Bowl Village concerts are free. The NFL Experience inside the Convention Center is a ticketed event, but other than that, I was able to see the Indy Super Cars, the XLVI Roman Numerals on Monument Circle, the food truck festival, the concerts, the Huddle After Hours, the Zipline, Pan Am Plaza, and the other downtown attractions without spending a penny (if you want to ride the Zipline, it’s $10).

So on Friday I rode the #22 bus from the south side. It was only 12 minutes late–tolerable for a Friday evening rush hour. It delivered me to Ohio and Meridian, just one block from Monument Circle (where the Indy Super Cars and the food trucks were located). From there it is just a two-block walk south on Meridian to Super Bowl Village on Georgia Street. Perfect.

On Saturday and Sunday I rode the #8 bus from/to Washington Square Mall to the Ohio/Meridian stop. The return trip eastbound was from the Ohio/Illinois stop, just around the corner from Monument Circle. All four trips to and from were standing room only on the #8 (see photo above), and all four buses arrived at their stops on time (the Sunday westbound bus arrived at Ohio/Meridian ahead of schedule!).


The last #31 bus on Friday night for the return trip to the south side was 36 minutes late arriving at Ohio/Meridian for its 8:10 p.m. stop. We got to the bus stop at 7:55 p.m. (because it was the last run of the night and we wanted to make sure we didn’t miss it). So we waited nearly an hour on a cold evening for a bus we were beginning to think would never show up. And since it doesn’t follow the same route as the #22 inbound, I had to walk about 3/4 of a mile in the dark to get back to my car.

In fairness, I believe the majority of the IndyGo bus system was disrupted by the first day’s activities at Super Bowl Village, and as a result, they couldn’t get through traffic any better than we would have been able to. To their credit, an IndyGo supervisor was parked at the Ohio/Meridian stop and was closely monitoring the progress of each bus route in the system. He even got out of his car to come over and explain the delays to our group of waiting passengers.


The IndyGo buses are clean, heated, inexpensive, practically deliver you to the doorstep of Super Bowl Village, and take the hassle out of downtown traffic and parking issues. It’s my understanding that all IndyGo bus rides will be free on Feb. 2-5: Free Rides on local fixed route service (excluding the Green Line Express) and paratransit service (Open Door) from Thursday, February 2 through Super Bowl XLVI Sunday, Feb. 5.

You can download all the route maps and schedules from http://www.indygo.net/. Just don’t be in a hurry and be prepared to wait a bit for your bus if it gets behind schedule. Sounds like a plan to me!

  1. Donna Wagner
    January 31, 2012 at 9:26 am

    Thanks for the info! Where would I park tomorrow if I am coming from the airport and want to park my car and get a bus to Super Bowl Village?

    • January 31, 2012 at 1:19 pm

      It’s the same bus that I talked about in my post. The #8 bus runs from the airport to downtown Indy. Going eastbound, I recommend that you get off at the Ohio/Capitol stop. Walk straight south down Capitol Avenue three blocks to Super Bowl Village. Badda boom, badda bing. You can get back on the #8 bus at the same stop on the other side of the street: Ohio/Capitol. You can download the schedule for the #8 Route here: http://www.indygo.net/pages/local-service-fixed-routes. Hope this helps!

      Followup: I just talked to the CSR at IndyGo and she told me that you can catch the #8 bus at the airport at the Ground Transportation Center, Zone 6.

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