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Review: “Legally Blonde” at Beef & Boards

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"Legally Blonde" at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre

"Legally Blonde" at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre. Photo provided by the theatre and used with written permission.

By Elizabeth J. Musgrave
Syndicated Columnist

Legally Blonde, The Musical based on the Reese Witherspoon mega hit film Legally Blonde (2001) opened this week at Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre, Indianapolis. The fun, frolicking romp is seen through the eyes of UCLA sorority girl, Elle Woods, dumped by her social-climbing boyfriend, Warner Huntington III. The story changes location as does Elle’s priorities when she enrolls in Harvard Law School to win him back.

Always a difficult task to take a movie, particularly one as popular as this one, and put it on a live stage. B&B utilized set designer extraordinaire Michael Layton to, once again, perform his layout magic. Layton’s revolving set whisks us from courtroom to murder scene to beauty salon with ease.

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