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Indy Restaurant Pairings for the Big Ten Universities

Harry & Izzy's

Harry & Izzy's is the host for Penn State fans. AroundIndy.com staff photo.

By Brittany Smith
Indianapolis Downtown, Inc.

Downtown restaurants have paired up with Big Ten teams to make celebrating with like-minded fans easy during the Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament (March 1-4) and the Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament (March 8-11). Both events are scheduled at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, 125 South Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Restaurant pairings are:

University of Illinois
Ram Restaurant and Big Horn Brewery, 140 South Illinois, 317-955-9900

Indiana University
Kilroy’s Bar & Grill, 201 South Meridian St, 317-638-9464

University of Iowa
Weber Grill, 10 North Illinois St, 317-636-.7600

University of Michigan
O’Reilly’s Irish Bar and Restaurant, 36 South Pennsylvania St, 317-974-0674

Michigan State University
Slippery Noodle Inn, 372 South Meridian St, 317-631-6974

University of Minnesota
Rock Bottom Brewery, 10 West Washington St, 317-681-8180

University of Nebraska
Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant, 350 West Maryland St, 317-405-6111

Northwestern University
Buffalo Wings & Rings, 111 West Maryland St, 317-822-8400

The Ohio State University
Champps Americana, 49 West Maryland St,  Circle Centre Mall, 317-951-0033

The Pennsylvania State University
Harry & Izzy’s, 153 South Illinois St, 317-635-9594

Purdue University
Scotty’s Brewhouse, 1 Virginia Ave, 317-571-0808

University of Wisconsin
Buffalo Wild Wings, 7 East Washington St, 317-951-9464

And if you haven’t visited the Indianapolis Colts Grille yet (110 West Washington St), now is the time! It is the official home of the Big Ten Conference. Enter for a chance to win $10,000 with FREE submission into the Grille’s bracket challenge.

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