April Events in Bloomington and Monroe County

Little 500 Women's Bike Race at Indiana University

Little 500 Women's Bike Race at Indiana University. Photo provided by VisitBloomington.com and used with written permission.

By Julie Warren
Director of Tourism, Visit Bloomington

Welcome to Bloomington!

The trees and flowers are blooming, proving that Bloomington is the perfect name for this city.  The warmer temperatures and beautiful setting make it a great time to get outdoors and explore.  Walk the B-Line Trial through the downtown area, or venture outside the city limits to Griffy Nature Preserve.  No matter if you go deep into the Hoosier National Forest or stay on the Indiana University campus, just make sure you get outside and experience Bloomington at its blooming best!

When you’re finished exploring the outdoors, head inside to the Bloomington Handmade Market to do some shopping.  This unique artisan marketplace held on April 7th at the Bloomington Convention Center, features artwork, clothing and household items made (you guessed it) by hand.  The items are unique and trendy, and all are made by local and regional artists.

If you’re visiting on April 20 or 21, you probably already know that it’s Little 5 weekend, one of the “greatest college weekends” in the country.  The Little 500 is a highly competitive bike race among IU students and takes place each year at Bill Armstrong Stadium on the IU campus.  The women race on Friday night and the men race on Saturday afternoon, but the revelry, activities and concerts happen all weekend.  It’s something everyone should experience at least once—or maybe more for the strong at heart!

Later that month, the IU Auditorium will present Young Frankenstein, the hilarious musical based on the Mel Brooks’ film.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (from laughing) and you’ll be thoroughly entertained!  Catch a show on April 27th or 28th at the magnificent IU Auditorium.

You can also see a Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby bout that weekend on April 28that the Twin Lakes Recreation Center.  These roller girls are tough, entertaining the crowd with fast skating, hard hits and a few comedic antics.  It’s a serious competition, but a whole lot of fun to watch.

There are many more events, shows and performances taking place this month, including live local music every night of the week!  For more information on events, restaurants, shopping and attractions, go to VisitBloomington.com.

April 2012

  • IU Softball vs Michigan, April 1, 1 pm, IU Softball Fields, 866-IUSPORTS
  • IU Baseball  vs Michigan, April 1, 1 pm, IU Baseball Fields, 866-IUSPORTS
  • IU Women’s Tennis vs Michigan, April 1, 11 am, IU Tennis Center, 866-IUSPORTS
  • Cool Creatures:  A Live Animal Show, April 1, 1:30 pm & 3:30 pm, WonderLab, 812-337-1337
  • Indiana University Arts Week Everywhere 2012: 3-D Production with Jacobs School of Music, April 1-8, 8 pm, IU Sample Gates
  • Milagres with The Natives, April 3, 9pm, The Bishop
  • Jacobs School of Music: Dubinsky Chamber Music Series, April 3-5, Noon, Musical Arts Center, 812-855-7433
  • Rob Delaney, April 4, 8pm & 10:30pm, The Comedy Attic, 812-336-LAFF
  • John Evan, April 5-7, 8pm & 10:30pm,The Comedy Attic, 812-336-LAFF
  • Arts Week Everywhere 2012: IU Cinema’s Latino Film Festival,April 5-7, Times Vary, IU Cinema Center
  • Gallery Walk & First Friday,April 6, 5 pm, Downtown Bloomington
  • IU Opera: Candide by Leonard Bernstein,April 6-14, 8 pm,Musical Arts Center, 812-855-9846
  • Three Views of the Same Object: Woodward/Newman Drama Award Winner, April 6-21, 8 pm,Bloomington Playwrights Project, 812-334-1188
  • David Allan Coe, April 6,Bluebird Nightclub
  • Build a Bug-Bot Workshop, April 6, 1:30 pm, WonderLab, 812-337-1337
  • First Friday Evening Science of Art: Nature’s Palette, April 6, 5 pm, WonderLab, 812-337-1337
  • African American Dance Company Spring Concert, April 7, 8 pm, Buskirk-Chumley Theater, 812-855-5427
  • Bloomington Community Farmers Market, Every Saturday, 8 am, Showers Commons
  • Bloomington Handmade Market, April 7, 10 am, Bloomington Convention Center
  • IU Men’s Golf- NYX Hoosier Invitational, April 7, all day, IU Golf Course
  • IU Women’s Rowing Big Ten Dual vs. Minnesota & Wisconsin, April 7, all day, Lake Lemon
  • Jacobs School of Music: Latin Jazz Ensemble,April 7, 8 pm, Neal-Marshal Black Culture Center, 812-855-7433
  • IU Women’s Tennis vs. Nebraska, April 8, 11 am,IU Tennis Center
  • Jacobs School of Music: Wind Ensemble, April 10, 8 pm, Musical Arts Center, 812-855-7433
  • Civil War Roundtable, April 10, 7 pm, Monroe County History Center, 812-332-2517
  • Last Comic Standing’s Natasha Leggero, April 12-14, 8 pm, Comedy Attic, 812-336-5233
  • Rapper Mac Miller, April 12, 8 pm, IU Auditorium, 812-855-4682
  • “Waiting for Lefty,” April 13-21, times vary, Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center, 812-330-4400
  • Cabaret, April 13-21, 7:30 pm, Ruth N. Halls Theater, 812-855-1103
  • African American Choral Ensemble Spring Concert, April 14, 8pm, 812-855-5427
  • Savory Science: Egg-cellent Meals, April 14, 1 pm, WonderLab, 812-337-1337
  • Gordon Bonham Blues Band, April 14, 8pm, The Player’s Pub
  • Good Old War, April 15, Bluebird Nightclub
  • Jacobs School of Music: Ballet at the BCT, April 18-19, 7:30 pm, Buskirk-Chumley Theater, 812-855-7433
  • 25th Annual Little 500 Women’s Race, April 20, 7 pm, Armstrong Stadium, 812-855-9152
  • 62nd Annual Little 500 Men’s Race, April 21, 2 pm, Armstrong Stadium, 812-855-9152
  • Cadmium Orange, April 21, 9pm, The Bishop
  • Rachel Peden and Her Life on Maple Grove Road, April 22, 2pm, Ellettsville Branch Monroe Co. Public Library Program Room, 812-349-3050
  • European Union Youth Orchestra, April 22, 7 pm, IU Auditorium, 812-855-1103
  • Young Frankenstein, April 26-27, 8 pm, IU Auditorium, 812-855-1103
  • Kumail Nanjiani, April 16-28, 8pm & 10:30pm, The Comedy Attic, 812-336-LAFF
  • Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby, April 28, 6 pm, Twin Lakes Recreation Center
  • IU Soul Revue Spring Concert, April 28, 8 pm, Buskirk-Chumley Theater, 812-855-5427
  • Sheila Stephen, April 28, 8pm, The Players Pub
  • Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, April 28, Bluebird Nightclub
  • National Pinhole Camera Day Workshop, April 28-29, Sat 1pm & Sun 1:30pm, WonderLab Museum, 812-337-1337


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