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‘Westfield Rocks the 4th’ Celebration in Hamilton County

Westfield Rocks the 4th

Image provided by the event organizers and used with written permission.

By Emma Diebold
Hamilton County Convention & Visitors Bureau

UPDATE July 2, 2012. Westfield officials just announced they have decided to go ahead with their professional fireworks display after all.  As a result of the recent rain, the higher humidity and with the moisture predicted in the weather forecast, the City’s public safety officials believe that the conditions are safe to proceed with the fireworks.  City officials cancelled the professional fireworks display for the Westfield Rocks the 4th celebration last Friday, June 29.

“We have evaluated the current situation and performed a risk hazard analysis and fortunately the conditions have improved,” says Westfield’s Chief of Staff, Todd Burtron.  “We feel that because of the change in weather conditions, we can provide an exceptional fireworks display for the citizens of Westfield without compromising public safety.”  According to Burtron, firefighters, along with other city staff and pyrotechnic team members, will be strategically positioned around the site to ensure the public’s safety.

The Westfield Rocks the 4th celebration will take place on July 4th beginning at 4pm at Asa Bales Park in Westfield. The professional fireworks display will begin at 9:45pm. For more information, visit http://westfieldrocksthe4th.com/ or call 317-804-3184.

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