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Indiana Grand Casino welcomes hiring America’s veterans

Indiana Grand Casino

Indiana Grand Casino. Image provided by the casino and used with written permission.

By Pam Colbert
Indiana Grand Casino

While serving their country, they left behind family to cope by themselves, loved ones to worry, and jobs that might not be available when they return.

“They” are America’s heroes.

Thousands of men and women in the military return to the states from active duty and find that service to their country does not always translate to quickly finding a civilian job.

Many employers, such as Indiana Grand Casino, welcome hiring America’s veterans.

Two of Indiana Grand Casino’s “veteran” employees, Troy Wilkinson and Scott Flynn, are former Marines who were both wounded in combat.

Before joining the Marines, Scott Flynn worked for the Boys Club of Shelbyville for about six years. The Shelbyville native is a member of the second-shift casino security team. He has undergone several surgeries in his left eye to repair an eye injury he suffered when the vehicle he was riding in during his time in Iraq ran over a land mine.

For Flynn, finding a civilian job took longer than expected. He spent nine months looking for a job and submitted resumes to 14 businesses. Only Indiana Grand Casino gave him a call back, about a week after he applied.

Flynn spoke with a couple of his friends who have been frustrated in their job search, and suggested that they fill out an application at Indiana Grand. “When you’ve served your country and then you can’t find a job, it’s a pretty big letdown,” Flynn said.

While Flynn’s job in security at Indiana Grand isn’t quite as demanding as duty in Iraq, he likes the people he works with. “Whether it’s making the rounds of the casino or helping out guests in other ways, my job is satisfying,” Flynn said. “I enjoy meeting and assisting our guests.”

Flynn’s ultimate goal is to work for Homeland Security. While in Iraq, he was involved in security for high profile targets—including President Bush on a visit to Iraq.

Troy Wilkinson enlisted in the Marines right out of high school. He had a little easier return to civilian life. He returned to work after having a bullet fragment removed from his shoulder. He applied for a job with a firearms manufacturer but didn’t receive a response. After submitting an application at Indiana Grand Casino, he was hired to work in the Food & Beverage department at the casino.

Wilkinson has been part of the Indiana Grand Casino team for more than three years, since the casino was located in its temporary facility. He has also talked with friends and fellow veterans and recommended that they apply for jobs at the casino.

Wilkinson applies the discipline and respect that he lived by during the time he served in the Marines to his daily casino duties. He likes working on the third shift as a cook. “I like the late night hours because they’re less stressful and the challenge of cooking helps me relax,” Wilkinson said. “Working in the employee dining room on Sundays and Mondays gives me the opportunity to interact with a lot of interesting people. I feel challenged every night to do everything I can do to make it better for everyone else, while getting everything done properly.”

The casino’s best known veteran is COO and general manager, Tom Dingman. He was a Captain in the US Air Force. As an F-111 Navigator, he flew more than 120 combat missions in Vietnam and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

“I think it’s great that we have veterans working here at the casino as part of our team,” Dingman said. “As a veteran myself, I understand that making the transition back into civilian life can be difficult. I spent a year looking for work after I got out of the service. I also know that while serving in the military you adhere to outlined disciplines, learn invaluable skills and live by a code that requires a strong work ethic. These attributes lead to success in the business world.”

For more information, visit http://indy-grand.com/, or call 877-386-4463.

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