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iMOCA Names Shauta Marsh as Executive Director

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Shauta Marsh

Shauta Marsh. Photo provided by iMOCA and used with written permission.

Press Release
Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art

The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA) recently named Shauta Marsh as executive director of the Fountain Square based arts organization. Marsh, who served as interim director for a year, began working at iMOCA in 2009. She first served as assistant to the museum’s former director, Jeremy Efroymson.

“We are delighted to have Shauta lead iMOCA as we move into our second decade of bringing world-class contemporary art to Indianapolis,” said iMOCA board chair Brandon Judkins. “Shauta is exceptionally talented at creating unique, engaging and powerful exhibitions and programs.”

Marsh got her start in the Indianapolis art scene as a co-founder of the nonprofit community arts organization, Big Car. Prior to her time at iMOCA, Marsh was also a freelance writer and editor for several local and national art publications.

At 34, the appointment makes Marsh one of the youngest and one of the few female museum directors in the nation. In the past year, she continued to increase attendance and brought national attention to the museum with articles in publications such as Vanity Fair and Slate.

iMOCA’s 10-year anniversary exhibit this past April featured LaToya Ruby Fraizer, whose work exhibited at The Whitney at the same time it exhibit at iMOCA.

“iMOCA will continue to challenge what people consider a museum. We provide a more intimate experience so visitors can get close to the art we exhibit. Art has no value without an audience. I appreciate the people who come to see the work we exhibit, that they give us their time and allow us to share these exhibits and programming with them.”

In 2011, over 22,000 people visited iMOCA’s storefront space. Marsh expects to surpass that number this year.

For more information, visit, or call 317-450-6630.