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Indiana Space Complex Science Fair, Oct. 6

Indiana Space Complex

Artist’s Rendition, Indiana Space Complex. Images herein provided by Lawrence County Tourism and used with written permission.

By David Branneman
Lawrence County Tourism

The kickoff event for the new Indiana Space Complex, Up in the Air: Science Fair, will be held October 6, 2012, at the Virgil I. Grissom Airport in Bedford from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The highlight of the morning will be a high altitude balloon launch at 10 a.m. conducted by StatoStar. On board will be experiments from Bedford and Mitchell science classes along with a video camera to record the action. While the chase team tracks down the balloon, other family fun activities will take place. There will be a vintage aircraft display and many interactive activities for the entire family. Some of the booths and activities that will be on site include the Challenger Learning Center, Lawrence County Museum, Duke Energy, Liberty Bell 7 Anniversary Committee, StarGazers telescopes, Radio controlled airplane show from 10am-1pm, rocket launches, food booths, and many more.

Space Complex LogoThis event will support the Indiana Space Complex to be built in Lawrence County, home of Gus Grissom, Ken Bowersox, and Charlie Walker. The Indiana Space Complex will contain a museum featuring air and space displays and artifacts. It will also house an Indiana Space Hall of Fame. This will honor all those with Indiana connections that help with the development of the US space program.

Another component of the Indiana Space Complex will be a state of the art Challenger Learning Center. The final component will be a large screen theater that will serve as a lecture auditorium as well as a movie theater.

Learn more about the Indiana Space Complex by visiting www.indianaspacecomplex.com and the Facebook page, or call 812-849-1090 or 800-798-0769.

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