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Richmond Receives Award in ‘Prettiest Painted Places’ Competition

Painted Porch in Richmond, Indiana

Painted Porch in Richmond, Indiana. Image provided by Wayne County Tourism and used with written permission.

By Nancy Sartain
Wayne County Tourism

The city of Richmond, Indiana has been honored with an “Exceptional Merit” award in the recently completed “Prettiest Painted Places in America” competition by Paint Quality Institute.

Although Richmond did not win top recognition as a Prettiest Painted Place, it was the only town in Indiana and one of only nine nationwide to earn “exceptional merit” status. Richmond stood out among the judges and that is something to be proud of.

The exceptional merit honor was created after the quality of entrants impressed contest organizers, meaning they were “just too pretty to go without recognition,” according to Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert.”

The Prettiest Painted Places winners in Richmond’s region (North Central category) were Bay View, Michigan, and Stillwater, Minnesota. A total of 193 towns were entered in the contest with four from Indiana.

This is the third time the Paint Quality Institute has conducted a search for the prettiest painted places in America. It held the first competition in the 1990s, and another in year 2000.

The purpose of the competition is to give recognition to places that use paint to express pride in their communities, and highlight how an attractive exterior paint treatment can enhance the curb appeal of virtually any home, building, or exterior structure.

“We hope that the exquisite exteriors from these ‘prettiest painted places’ will inspire others to beautify their properties with exterior paint,” said Zimmer. “Painting is one of the most effective — and cost effective — ways to add color and style to our surroundings.”

To get a look at the 12 Prettiest Painted Places in America, visit the Paint Quality Institute website at http://blog.paintquality.com/ppp/. For more information about Richmond and Wayne County, visit http://www.visitrichmond.org/ or call 765-935-8687.

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