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Review: ‘Menopause, the Musical’ at Beef and Boards

'Menopause, The Musical' at Beef and Boards

‘Menopause, The Musical’ at Beef and Boards. Image provided by the theatre and used with written permission.

By Elizabeth J. Musgrave
Syndicated Columnist

Menopause the Musical opens at Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre this week to the sound of an audience gone wild. Who knew menopausal-age women (and their menfolk, by the way) could be so energetic and exuberant? I do now.

Lest you believe only the Red Hat Society ladies like this show, the audience was young, old, male and female.

Four women “meet” each other while fighting over a black brassiere in a sale bin at Bloomingdale’s, NYC. Four women from four different lifestyles find they all have one thing in common ~ menopause. Hot flashes, night sweats, crankiness, crying jags, sex drive and vibrators all get discussed ~ and sung about ~ in the 90-minute show, which has no intermission, by the way.

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About Elizabeth J. Musgrave

Elizabeth J. Musgrave is the syndicated columnist of Gotta Go, newspaper and magazine circulation 216,000, as well as a travel writer, public speaker, blogger, freelance feature, copy and content writer. A local theatre, music and restaurant critic, Elizabeth can be heard on 93 WIBC’s Saturday Morning News Show as Indy’s entertainment advisor. You can follow her on Twitter @GottaGo and Facebook.

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