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Wolf Park Birthday Party in Tippecanoe County, Apr. 20

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Wolf Park

Photo provided by the venue and used with written permission.

By Denise Pearson
Wolf Park

Join Wolf Park in a birthday celebration for all 16 of our canids on Saturday, April 20, 2013, from 1 to 5 p.m.

The Wolf Park staff will give the animals their special birthday cakes and you a piece of birthday cake on April 20. Wolf Park will be open for walking tours 1-5 pm, and the animals will receive their cakes at 2 pm. Wild canids are all born in April or May due to the timing of their annual breeding season—hence all of their birthdays are celebrated together.

This is also an opportunity to support Wolf Park and its efforts for research, education, and conservation. Just a $25 donation gets donors a photo of their favorite animal enjoying their birthday treat.

CANINE BIRTHDAYS: April: 2nd- Willow (coyote) , 3rd- Twister (coyote), 6th– Bicho, Kanti, and Fiona, 9th- Miska, 10th- Chetan, 12th- Renki, Ayla & Kailani, 13th- Wolfgang & Wotan, 18th—Devon (fox) 20th- Marion and Ember (fox), 27th- Dharma.

Open Hours: Wolf Park is open Saturdays in April, 1-5 PM for walking tours. Wolf Park’s open season begins May 1 when we will offer guided tours Tuesday through Sunday from 1-5 pm.

Howl Night is offered every Saturday night year round at 7:30pm.  Friday Nights during the open season only at 7:30 pm.

General admission is $8 for adults, $6 for children 6 –13, children five and under and Wolf Park Members are always free.  For more information call 765-567-2265 weekdays.   General park information can be found on-line at