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Local Moms Launch

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By Angela Evans
Field Trip Finder


Local moms Lynn Smith of Carmel and Angela Evans of Indianapolis have been working for almost two years to create, a Web site to search and discover unique field trips, save favorites, review and rate locations and share ideas with others. And their commitment to education means this website is absolutely free for educators, youth group leaders, parents and families all over the world.

The Field Trip Finder website compiles educational, cultural and off-the-beaten path locations into an easy online field trip database. Users can find ratings and add details to each listing—details only a local would know, hints on how to make the most of a trip or tips to stretch your trip funds.

Smith explains the genesis of the idea.

“After homeschooling my son for eight years, I felt like I had exhausted all the good places for field trips. As his interests and needs have changed and my time is at a premium, I needed to find appropriate trips easily. But no resource for doing so existed.”

She knew there must be a better way.

“One day I said to my husband, ‘Wouldn’t be nice if there was an online tool that could help me find great field trips that were focused on a particular age, within a certain geographic area on a specific topic? Oh, and I’d love to get ideas and reviews from other parents and teachers, too.’ That day, the idea for was born.”

When Field Trip Finder officially launches in March 2013, visitors will find more than 24,000 locations already loaded across the U.S. Smith and Evans spent the last few months filling in details and reviews for Indianapolis, Indiana, as a demo city. The partners hope that families, educators and others will register for an account on the site and contribute locations in their hometown, along with details, opinions and comments … and spread the word so others know about this brand-new resource. A few surprises are in store for those early adopters and power users in the form of badges, including First to Register in your city.

The partners are currently seeking sponsors and advertisers. Smith and Evans are committed to keeping the site free of annoying ads, so users will find sponsors only in a select few places and only where it makes sense.

Aside from the Web site and social media launch, Smith and Evans are committed to growing the U.S. first and then will move into other areas by adding locations in Canada, Europe, etc. However, interested visitors are encouraged not to wait! Registered users can begin adding new locations all over the world. (The site is available only in English at this time.)

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard family and friends say, ‘There’s nothing to do in this town, especially with kids.’ And it doesn’t matter what town you live in, that statement is likely very untrue. Every town has hidden gems you didn’t know about—many of them are free or low-cost—and if not in your hometown, probably in the town right next door,” said Evans. “I was glad Lynn asked me to come on board with because it’s a resource we both wish we’d had available to us years ago.

“My kids go to a public school, and I know teachers could really use this resource. We’re paying it forward and hoping others see the value and do the same.”

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