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“Take a Seat” at the Indiana State Fairgrounds

Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum

Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum.

By Andy Klotz
On behalf of the Indiana State Fair Foundation

The Indiana State Fair Foundation is offering the public a chance to own a piece of history – Fairgrounds Coliseum history – by putting 100 pairs of the building’s original seats up for sale.

Coliseum Seats

Coliseum Seats

Built in 1939, the Coliseum is in the midst of a massive $63 million renovation that includes a complete remodeling of the iconic structure’s interior.  About 90 of the 8,000 original seats are being restored and will be placed back inside the new Coliseum, which will reopen in August, 2014.  Another 100 pairs are up for sale.

These wooden seats with a steal frame are platform mounted in sets of two and come with a numbered commemorative plaque.  They cost $1,000 and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Throughout its 74-year history, the Fairgrounds Coliseum has hosted many of Indiana’s most significant events.  From Olympic skating champion Sonja Henie to John F. Kennedy, from Dick the Bruiser to the Beatles, the Coliseum has a history few Hoosier buildings can match.

Anyone interested in purchasing a set of seats can do so by visiting www.indianastatefair.com and clicking on the “Coliseum Chair Sale” link or going straight to http://bit.ly/15WZNPI.  All the money raised from the sale of these seats goes directly to the Indiana State Fair Foundation for use in the ongoing renovation.

For more information, visit http://indianastatefair.com/, or call 317-927-7500.

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