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Women’s Fund GO Ahead and Play, Aug. 1-18

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One of the painted pianos in the Women's Fund exhibit.

One of the painted pianos in the Women’s Fund exhibit.

By Kelly Young
On behalf of the Women’s Fund of Central Indiana

Local artists transformed 20 pianos into interactive, playable pieces of art accessible in key locations throughout Indianapolis and Carmel, August 1-18, 2013. Led by local thirty 6th-12th grade students, Women’s Fund GO Ahead & Play is a public art project designed to bring music to public spaces, and make arts accessible to the community. Located on the streets, in parks, on trails, at museums, and at community centers, the pianos are available for any member of the public to play and enjoy. By creating a place to play, Women’s Fund GO Ahead & Play invites the public to engage with, interact and enjoy these creatively designed pieces of art. For more information and a list of piano locations, visit

Each piano has been painted and decorated by an artist. Each tells a story. Each invites the public to play.

“It has been exciting to watch the enthusiasm, passion and commitment of the students leading this project – the time and energy they have dedicated to the success of GO Ahead & Play is remarkable,” said Jennifer Pope Baker, executive director, Women’s Fund of Central Indiana. “After more than a year of hard work by the students and volunteers, and with generous support by artists and our corporate partners, it will be exciting to see these pianos on the streets for our community to enjoy.” 

About Women’s Fund GO Ahead & Play

Women’s Fund GO Ahead & Play is a public art project led by 6th-12th grade GO: Give Back students, who are using their talent, time and leadership to bring art and music to central Indiana. The project is student-driven and is guided by parents and Women’s Fund staff.

August 1-18, GO students will publicly introduce pianos transformed by local artists in locations throughout the community, to include five Women’s Fund grantee organizations serving women and girls.

GO: Give Back is a philanthropy education program of Women’s Fund, developing central Indiana’s future philanthropists and leaders. GO combines philanthropy education with charitable giving and teaches youth to make thoughtful, meaningful contributions to the community.

About Women’s Fund of Central Indiana

Since 1999, Women’s Fund has invested in the lives of women and girls by distributing 324 grants totaling more than $4.9 million to 104 women and girl serving nonprofit organizations in central Indiana. Women’s Fund is an endowed special interest fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation. For more information call 317-634-2423 or visit

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