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‘The Mouse That Roared’ at Belfry Theatre

September 18, 2013 Leave a comment
The Belfry Theatre.

The Belfry Theatre. staff photo, (c) 2011, all rights reserved.

Belfry Theatre
Press Release

Gloriana the 12th invites you to the Duchy of Grand Fenwick!  Taste the local wine, see the national forest, and prepare for war! Bring your longbow and get ready for a great night of comedy.   Join us for The Mouse That Roared, opening Sept. 27, 2013, at the Belfry Theatre in Hamilton County, and continuing on selected dates through Oct. 13.

The Belfry Theatre is located at 10690 Greenfield Avenue, which is State Road 238, east of Noblesville in Hamilton County, Indiana. It’s at the roundabout at the intersection with Union Chapel Road (pictured above).

For more information, visit, or call 317-773-1085.