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Indiana Wine Trail ‘Fall Haul,’ Nov. 2-3

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Lanthier Winery in Madison, Indiana.

Lanthier Winery in Madison, Indiana, is one of the wineries participating in the Fall Haul. staff photo, (c) 2013, all rights reserved.

By Ann Mulligan
On behalf of the Indiana Wine Trail

As autumn begins to tint the hillsides of the Ohio River Valley, it’s time to celebrate the harvest and the wines of southern Indiana at the Indiana Wine Trail’s 6th Annual Fall Haul on Nov. 2-3, 2013.

Seasonal foods, special wines, lively events and collector’s edition recipe cards (to add to your Indiana Wine Trail collection) can be found at all six wineries.   “We’ll have tapas, cheese spread and meat balls,” said Sandy Palmer of Madison Vineyards.  “We enjoy treating people to the food made with our wines!”  Brian Ahaus of Ertel’s Cellars always looks forward to the herb and wine-based pestos their chef creates!  “He always surprises us with something wonderful, and this year he’s adding soups to the line-up.”

Lanthier Winery (see photo above) will serve its Cranberry Grande cheese spread and chicken wings in spiced Chambourcin glaze.  Ridge Winery is showing off their Pasta in Wine Sauce, Wine Salsa, Wine Jelly, and Wine Cake.  Stream Cliff Farm Winery is featuring a Potato-Wine Soup, a hot cheese wine dip and their hot Mulled Wine Punch. The Thomas Family Winery has Welsh Rarebit made with Gale’s Hard Cider and Gale’s Hard Cider Cheddar as well as other choice tidbits on the menu.

The Indiana Wine Trail consists of six wineries: Thomas Family Winery, Lanthier Winery, Madison Vineyards, Ertel Cellars, Stream Cliff Farm Winery and The Ridge Winery. These wineries have joined together to create a fun wine trail along and around the beautiful Ohio River Scenic Byway. Encompassing everything from secluded estate vineyards to historic pub-style bistros, the Indiana Wine Trail brings together the region’s best, each offering a different take on one of the state’s fastest-growing agricultural products: handcrafted Indiana wine.

Mark your calendars for November 2-3, 2013.  The event runs 11 am to 5 pm.  Please contact the wineries for individual arrangements, For more information about the Indiana Wine Trail, call Visit Madison at 800-559-2956 or log onto