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Indiana Foodways Alliance ‘Show Us Your Pie’ Contest

Cherry Pie at Storie's Restaurant in Greensburg, Indiana.

Perfect cherry pie at Storie’s Restaurant in Greensburg, Indiana.
AroundIndy.com staff photo, (c) 2012, all rights reserved.

Press Release
Indiana Foodways Alliance

Peach Pie at Storie's Restaurant.

Peach Pie

Celebrate National Pie Day all month by traveling The Hoosier Pie Trail. The Indiana Foodways Alliance kicked off their Facebook “Show Us Your Pie” Contest to Celebrate National Pie Day (January 23, 2014). Visit one of Indiana Foodways Alliance’s Hoosier Pie Trail Restaurants and take a photo of yourself with your pie and the participating restaurant logo. Submit the pictures to enter the contest to win an Overnight Getaway Package.

Find IFA’s Hoosier Pie Trail Restaurant information and enter to win the contest at www.facebook.com/IndianaFoodway.

The package includes one overnight at the Hampton Inn & Suites and two dinners from Storie’s Restaurant in Greensburg, Indiana (known for its excellent pies; see photos). Contest runs Jan. 1, 2014 through January 31, 2014. Winner will be notified February 17, 2014.

Banana Cream Pie at Storie's Restaurant

Banana Cream Pie

Indiana Foodways Alliance is a statewide non-profit organization created by members of the I-69 Cultural Corridor Association in January 2007. A membership organization which encompasses a field to table spectrum from agriculture to fine dining, with emphasis on all the specialty foods, farm markets, diners and hands-on restaurants in between that are so dear to the hearts of Midwesterners who love real food.

Storie’s is one of the restaurants on the Hoosier Pie Trail, located across the street from the famed Decatur County Courthouse (you know, the one with the tree growing out of the tower) at 109 East Main Street in Greensburg. It is renowned in southeastern Indiana for its pies, where 30-50 pies of all varieties are made fresh daily and served to the restaurant’s appreciative patrons.

For more information about the Indiana Foodway Alliance, visit http://www.indianafoodways.com/, or call  317-853-4944.

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