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Indy Restaurants Extend Devour Downtown Menus

Cerulean, 339 S Delaware, Indianapolis, IN

Cerulean, 339 S Delaware, is one of the restaurants extending its Devour Downtown menu.
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Press Release
Devour Downtown Winterfest

Join these select restaurants who are offering their Devour Downtown menu beyond the Feb. 2 end date – just for you!

B’s Po Boy (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
BARcelona Tapas (Offering Dinner only Monday through Friday, as well as on Sunday; available lunch and dinner on Saturday)
Bazbeaux (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Black Market (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Bu da lounge (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Capital Grille (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Cerulean (Extending menus thru Feb. 6)
Champions Sunday (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Circle City Bar and Grill (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Elbow Room (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Eagle’s Nest (Extending menus thru Feb. 6)
Fogo (Offering menu Sundays in February – 9th, 16th & 23rd)
Greek Islands (Extending menus  thru Feb. 9)
Harry & Izzy’s (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Iaria’s (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Libertine (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Maxine’s (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Mesh (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Napolese (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Palomino (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Pearl Street (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Rathskeller (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Sahm’s (Extending menus thru Feb. 8)
Santorini Greek Kitchen (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Skyline Club (Extending menus thru Feb. 8)
St. Elmo (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)
Tavern On South (Extending menus thru Feb. 6)
TGI Fridays (Extending menus thru Feb. 9)

Devour Downtown is brought to you by the Indianapolis Downtown Restaurant & Hospitality Association (IDRHA), a chapter of the Indiana Restaurant & Lodging Association. For more information, visit http://devourdowntown.org/, or call 317-673-4211.

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