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Motionhouse Dance Company at Clowes Hall, Mar. 28

Motionhouse at Clowes Hall

Motionhouse at Clowes Hall. Image provided by Butler University and used with written permission.

By Marc Allan
Butler University

Acclaimed British dance theatre-company Motionhouse makes its Indianapolis debut with “Scattered,” March 28, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. at Clowes Memorial Hall, 4602 Sunset Avenue, as part of its 2014 United States tour.

Tickets for the visually stunning, physically demanding production are available by calling 800-982-2787 and online at www.cloweshall.org.

“Scattered” is directed by Motionhouse’s Artistic Director Kevin Finnan and combines Motionhouse’s trademark highly physical dance theatre and mesmerizing imagery in a unique interaction between film and live performance. Finnan collaborated with filmmakers of Logela Multimedia from the Basque region of Spain.

“‘Scattered’ explores our relationship with water and how it surrounds us in different forms throughout our lives,” Finnan said in a show press release. “In birth, water ties us to life and on a more elemental scale. In ice, floods and tides, it can sweep lives away. ‘Scattered’ delves into the majesty and savagery of water, a fundamental force in our lives, as seven dancers plunge into an ocean, wrestle a raging tide, and slide on an avalanche to a frozen landscape of arctic beauty. “

Performed on a huge curved floor that disappears skywards, the performance uses projection technology, daring dancing, plus aerial harnesses and bungees to create an extraordinary world in which the dancers move seamlessly in, on, and through the image. The performers are at one moment on the stage, and then suddenly sprinting up the upstage curved wall (think snowboard half pipe or skate ramp), immersing themselves in sensational images of cascading waterfalls, rainstorms, and swimming pools.

“We create startling, passionate dance theatre,” Finnan said. “Our productions are designed to challenge as well as delight our audiences, and they fuse images with action and dynamism. Our performances are rooted in dance but draw on theatre, circus, acrobatics, and film to create works that make audience members think and feel. We pride ourselves on producing shows of outstanding quality that are accessible and enjoyable for all.”

For more information and a complete tour schedule, log on to www.motionhouse.co.uk.

Finnan and Louise Richards founded Motionhouse in 1988. Their company has since become one of the leading dance theatre companies in the United Kingdom. Since its launch, the company has toured 19 full-scale productions, built up a formidable educational program for schools and colleges across the U.K., trained dozens of dancers, pushed contemporary dance into the aerial arena by combining choreography with sling and bungee skills, and developed large-scale site-specific dance spectacles with increasing ambition and shorter festival pieces for performance in a wide range of public places and spaces.

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