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Indiana Pacers Bikeshare Program Launches in Indy

Commuter Connect

Commuter Connect.
Logo provided by JTPR, Inc. and used with written permission.

By Jen Schmits Thomas
On behalf of Commuter Connect

Bikeshare makes it even easier for downtown workers to leave their cars at home

With the new Indiana Pacers Bikeshare program that launched yesterday, workers in downtown Indy have an exciting new transportation option that makes it easier to drive less.

Now they can ride IndyGo, Indy Express Bus or carpool to work, and then jump on a Pacers Bikeshare bike to get to a meeting, lunch or appointment that’s more than “walking distance” away.

“Meetings, restaurants, retailers and more that might have seemed too far to walk in a limited time are now easily within reach,” said Lori Kaplan, Commuter Connect manager. “With quick access to Pacers Bikeshare bikes, I think downtown workers will see their definition of ‘accessible’ expand a lot.”

For help in finding a carpool or planning your trip by bus, visit commuterconnect.us. Commuter Connect is the rideshare service of Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority (CIRTA). In addition, Marion County residents can access IndyGo’s easy-to-use Trip Planner at http://indygo.net/pages/trip-planning.

“With the Cultural Trail, Pacers Bikeshare, the city’s extensive bicycling infrastructure and the services provided by Commuter Connect, Indianapolis is making it easy to get around without sitting alone in a car,” Kaplan said. “All of the pieces are coming together.”

Commuter Connect’s mission is to help reduce air pollution and traffic congestion in Central Indiana. There is no charge for employers or employees to use Commuter Connect’s services.

Editor’s Acknowledgement: JTPR, Inc.

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