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IndyFringe Announces Partnership with Indy Eleven

IndyFringe Theatre Building

IndyFringe Theatre Building. AroundIndy.com staff photo, (c) 2012, all rights reserved.

By Pauline Moffat
IndyFringe Executive Director

Demonstrating its deep commitment to community, Indy Eleven is joining with IndyFringe to further strengthen quality of life in Indianapolis. Through a generous donation from Indy Eleven Owner Ersal Ozdemir, Indianapolis’ North American Soccer League team will receive naming rights for the new IndyFringe theatre.

Scheduled to open in 2015, the Indy Eleven Theatre will connect to the current IndyFringe Basile Theatre at 719 East St. Clair Street. The addition is part theatre, part community space and will enhance the Cultural Trail by serving as a trailhead with public restroom facilities.

“Arts, sports, business and community organizations all need to support one another in a world-class city,” said Ozdemir.  “This unique partnership allows us to align a wide range of audiences with very different interests to new assets in our community. This is exciting for our future.”

Frank Basile, chair of the IndyFringe Capital Campaign, believes this vision to improve the IndyFringe Basile Theatre through the construction of adjoining public spaces will have a profound effect on the beautiful and historically rich nearby neighborhoods and the businesses of Mass Ave.

“This is a win-win relationship for both organizations – and Indianapolis – for many reasons.  The involvement of Ersal brings additional resources to realize the dream of two theatres and a community space on the fringe of Mass Avenue,” Basile said.  “Both IndyFringe and Indy Eleven welcome Indianapolis residents of all ages, and, in particular, embrace young families. Together we can continue to build a community of sports fans, artists and audiences.”

The Indy Eleven Theatre will take the form of a simple “black box” on the exterior and a versatile, multi-purpose space within. A movable hangar wall, which will open the new theatre to the outdoors, will extend the audience seating and viewing area to IndyFringe’s historic alley and green space.

“During our 10-year history, IndyFringe has gone from an idea to an institution. This partnership will help both Indy Eleven and IndyFringe reach new audiences, showcase our talents at each other’s venues, and contribute to a vibrant Indianapolis. Plus, we hope to attract some soccer players to the IndyFringe stage so we can see them ‘play’ in an unexpected setting,” said Rosemary Dorsa, IndyFringe board chair.

For more information, visit http://indyfringe.org/, or call 317-869-6660.

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