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Meltdown Winter Ice Festival in Richmond, Jan. 24-29, 2017


Meltdown Winter Ice Festival in Richmond, Indiana.
Image provided by the event organizers.

By Nancy Sartain
Richmond CVB

Richmond, Indiana. — The chainsaws and chisels fire up on January 24, 2017 kicking off Richmond’s 4th annual Meltdown Winter Ice Festival. This event turns downtown Richmond into a wondrous destination where custom ice carvings, impressive ice fights, lively winter activities, and fun collide – and it’s all FREE.

Watch the ice fly as each internationally known, multi-award winning ice artist use their polished skills, imagination and passion to create a dazzling array of artistic ice sculptures. Meet the renowned artists and pose with more than 35 stunning creations. During the festival, over 22 tons of ice will be intricately designed and sculpted into amazing works of art. Each block of ice is approximately 4’ wide by 18” thick and weights nearly 300 lbs.

At the Family Fun Zone, festival attendees can interact with various sculptures masterfully crafted entirely from ice, such as corn hole, ping pong, and a slide. Other lively activities include a frozen fairy trail, paint and take souvenir, chili cook-off, frosty mug pub crawl, art show, food vendors, and more.

The main event is the no holds barred “Ice Fights” sculpting competitions between two ice carvers and 1200 lbs. of ice. These high-octane and competitive ice fights will take place Friday, January 27th and Saturday, January 28th – competitions on both nights will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the new Elstro Park Plaza, downtown Richmond. Ice sculptures will remain on display, weather permitting.

For more information, visit the event Web site at http://richmondmeltdown.com/,  go to http://visitrichmond.org/, or call 800-828-8414.

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