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Memorial Day Ceremony at Crown Hill Cemetery, May 26

Memorial Day at Crown Hill Cemetery

Memorial Day at Crown Hill Cemetery. Image courtesy of Crown Hill Cemetery.

Tombstone Trail in Noble County

Tombstone Trail in Noble County

ABOVE: Tombstone Trail. Photo credit: To The Roof Photography. Photo provided by Noble County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Guest Blogger:
John Bry, Noble County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Historic cemeteries were truly the first public parks in America. They were often designed to welcome visitors to explore their grounds surrounded by peace, quiet, and nature. Graveyards are full of beautiful examples of the art and craftsmanship found in the many unusual and caried monument styles and materials used to create them.

Along the Tombstone Trail in Noble County, the nation’s first historic cemetery trail, opening for the season in August 2011, you will learn of people who will make you laugh, cry, and walk away with a newfound respect for their lives and contributions not only to Indiana but to the world.

This is a road trip like no other, featuring eight historic cemeteries across several northern Indiana counties and communities. More than 75 stories spanning the centuries and miles will be found along the Grand Army of the Republic Highway (US Highway 6). In 2011, the Trail pays special tribute to the 150th anniversary marking the beginning of America’s greatest conflict–the American Civil War. Stories from both the Union and the Confederacy will be featured in our local cemeteries.

The Tombstone Trail will also mark the 70th anniversary of the United States entering World War II, and will pay tribute to the men and women who served some role during this global battle that defined a generation.

For some a graveyard may seem like the end of the road, but in northeastern Indiana it is just the beginning of a months-long celebration of the lives of those who have gone before us.

Guided, group, and self-guided tours through these silent cities of stone are available. For more information, contact the Noble County Visitors Bureau at 877-202-5761, or visit our Web site at