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Indiana Pacers Bikeshare Program Launches in Indy

April 23, 2014 Leave a comment
Commuter Connect

Commuter Connect.
Logo provided by JTPR, Inc. and used with written permission.

By Jen Schmits Thomas
On behalf of Commuter Connect

Bikeshare makes it even easier for downtown workers to leave their cars at home

With the new Indiana Pacers Bikeshare program that launched yesterday, workers in downtown Indy have an exciting new transportation option that makes it easier to drive less.

Now they can ride IndyGo, Indy Express Bus or carpool to work, and then jump on a Pacers Bikeshare bike to get to a meeting, lunch or appointment that’s more than “walking distance” away.

“Meetings, restaurants, retailers and more that might have seemed too far to walk in a limited time are now easily within reach,” said Lori Kaplan, Commuter Connect manager. “With quick access to Pacers Bikeshare bikes, I think downtown workers will see their definition of ‘accessible’ expand a lot.”

For help in finding a carpool or planning your trip by bus, visit Commuter Connect is the rideshare service of Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority (CIRTA). In addition, Marion County residents can access IndyGo’s easy-to-use Trip Planner at

“With the Cultural Trail, Pacers Bikeshare, the city’s extensive bicycling infrastructure and the services provided by Commuter Connect, Indianapolis is making it easy to get around without sitting alone in a car,” Kaplan said. “All of the pieces are coming together.”

Commuter Connect’s mission is to help reduce air pollution and traffic congestion in Central Indiana. There is no charge for employers or employees to use Commuter Connect’s services.

Editor’s Acknowledgement: JTPR, Inc.

Indy Connect Public Meetings Now Thru Mar. 14

February 27, 2013 Leave a comment
IndyGo Bus

IndyGo Bus. Photo courtesy of the IndyGo Web site,

By Bob Burchfield, Editor, LLC

Indy Connect, central Indiana’s transportation initiative, is conducting a series of meetings at various locations around Indy to discuss the future of transit in our community. The first meeting was held last evening at the Fishers Train Station, which drew a sizable crowd to learn more about this issue. The next meeting is this evening, Feb. 27, at 6:30 p.m. at the University of Indianapolis.

Other meetings on the schedule include:

  • Feb. 28 at the Julia Carson Government Center
  • Mar. 5 at the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation
  • Mar. 6 at IndyGo Headquarters
  • Mar. 7 at Carmel High School
  • Mar. 12 at Irvington Middle School
  • Mar. 13 at Eastwood Middle School
  • Mar. 14 at Greenwood City Hall

You can view a video that elaborates on this initiative on our Home Page at

All meetings are scheduled for 6:30 to 8 p.m., and the public is invited to take part in this important discussion by attending and participating in these meetings. For more information, visit, or call 317-327-5431.

Megabus Begins Daily Service to/from Louisville, Mar. 14

February 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Megabus image provided by and used with written permission.

By Amanda Byers, the city-to-city, express bus company with fares from $1, recently announced they will begin daily service to/from Louisville on March 14, 2012. Customers can begin booking travel today at

Travel is available between Louisville and Chicago, Indianapolis and Nashville. will offer two departures from its stop on the right-hand side of Liberty St. just prior to the intersection with 5th Street. fares always start as low as $1 and get higher as the traveling date gets closer.  Customers are encouraged to book early to secure $1 fares.

“ has rapidly become the travel option of choice for millions of people and today we’re excited to return to the Louisville market,” said Dale Moser, president and COO of “As Americans continue to look for ways to stretch their income, we look forward to providing safe, convenient and affordable travel to Louisville residents.”, a subsidiary of Coach USA, launched in April 2006 and is one of the largest intercity express bus service providers in North America, transporting more than 15 million travelers.  In addition to affordable fares, offers customers state-of-the-art environmentally-friendly buses with free Wi-Fi, power outlets and restrooms.

Visit for additional information about the service, schedules, arrival and departure times and fares.

A Cheap Way to Visit the Super Bowl Village

January 30, 2012 2 comments
Standing Room Only on IndyGo Route #8

Standing Room Only on IndyGo Route #8. staff photo.

By Bob Burchfield, Editor, LLC

I made it downtown for each of the first three days of Super Bowl Village: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Jan. 27-29, 2012. I was concerned that (1) I wouldn’t be able to find a parking place within reasonable walking distance of the festivities for an old guy like me, (2) if I could, it would cost $20-25 or more per day to park (especially when I noticed in an online article that one prominent downtown venue will be charging $60 for parking this week), and (3) if I inadvertently parked in the wrong place (or even if I didn’t), a certain notorious wrecker service might tow my car anyway, which could cost a couple of hundred dollars or more to get it back.

So I made a dramatic decision (at least dramatic for me): I decided to try the IndyGo bus system. And so I have good news and bad news to report to you. Which would you like first? The good news? OK…


The open-rate bus fare is only $1.75 per ride (exact fare required, no change given). This means that all three days I only spent $11.50 (twice I didn’t have exact change and had to pay $2.00 for those two rides) to get to and from Super Bowl Village. Three days of parking would have cost me at least $60-75 in downtown Indianapolis, maybe more depending upon what was available.

On the real: I talked to a couple on Sunday who told me that they parked on the street for free in a metered space on Delaware, near Michigan Street, and walked to Super Bowl Village. This would be about a six or seven-block walk to Monument Circle, a couple of blocks more to get to the Village.

If I hadn’t stopped for something to eat, $11.50 is all I would have spent for THREE DAYS, because all the outdoor activities such as the Super Bowl Village concerts are free. The NFL Experience inside the Convention Center is a ticketed event, but other than that, I was able to see the Indy Super Cars, the XLVI Roman Numerals on Monument Circle, the food truck festival, the concerts, the Huddle After Hours, the Zipline, Pan Am Plaza, and the other downtown attractions without spending a penny (if you want to ride the Zipline, it’s $10).

So on Friday I rode the #22 bus from the south side. It was only 12 minutes late–tolerable for a Friday evening rush hour. It delivered me to Ohio and Meridian, just one block from Monument Circle (where the Indy Super Cars and the food trucks were located). From there it is just a two-block walk south on Meridian to Super Bowl Village on Georgia Street. Perfect.

On Saturday and Sunday I rode the #8 bus from/to Washington Square Mall to the Ohio/Meridian stop. The return trip eastbound was from the Ohio/Illinois stop, just around the corner from Monument Circle. All four trips to and from were standing room only on the #8 (see photo above), and all four buses arrived at their stops on time (the Sunday westbound bus arrived at Ohio/Meridian ahead of schedule!).


The last #31 bus on Friday night for the return trip to the south side was 36 minutes late arriving at Ohio/Meridian for its 8:10 p.m. stop. We got to the bus stop at 7:55 p.m. (because it was the last run of the night and we wanted to make sure we didn’t miss it). So we waited nearly an hour on a cold evening for a bus we were beginning to think would never show up. And since it doesn’t follow the same route as the #22 inbound, I had to walk about 3/4 of a mile in the dark to get back to my car.

In fairness, I believe the majority of the IndyGo bus system was disrupted by the first day’s activities at Super Bowl Village, and as a result, they couldn’t get through traffic any better than we would have been able to. To their credit, an IndyGo supervisor was parked at the Ohio/Meridian stop and was closely monitoring the progress of each bus route in the system. He even got out of his car to come over and explain the delays to our group of waiting passengers.


The IndyGo buses are clean, heated, inexpensive, practically deliver you to the doorstep of Super Bowl Village, and take the hassle out of downtown traffic and parking issues. It’s my understanding that all IndyGo bus rides will be free on Feb. 2-5: Free Rides on local fixed route service (excluding the Green Line Express) and paratransit service (Open Door) from Thursday, February 2 through Super Bowl XLVI Sunday, Feb. 5.

You can download all the route maps and schedules from Just don’t be in a hurry and be prepared to wait a bit for your bus if it gets behind schedule. Sounds like a plan to me!